• This is How Ebert Construction Can Help Anyone

  • Posted on September 25, 2017
  • Since they were established in 1968, family-owned and operated Minnesota general contractor Ebert Construction is a believes in taking a full service team approach to their work. They don’t just build stuff. In fact, they have the unique ability to assist with every aspect of the acquisition, lease or purchase, development, construction or renovation of their client’s properties and facilities. Their service is so complete, they can even perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research, which is how they lead every client to the property that serves their needs best.

    Once they find the property, Ebert Construction can also help develop the property in a way that makes any business better. Not only do they construct buildings, they also help build their client’s business. The fine professionals at Ebert Construction even assist clients with calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives, as well as negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare any relevant documents, and they can even work out the details and even carry out the move from your old facilities to the new ones they helped you acquire.

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